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Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in the town Săpùnƣa, Maramures county, famous for tombs crosses live colored, naive paintings representing scenes from life and people ßnhumate occupation. On the crosses there are even some lyrics that are remembered, often with humorous shades, the persons concerned.
Ineditul this cemetery is the differentiation against most peoples cultures, which considers death as a very solemn event. Sometimes, culture apart this cemetery was made in connection with the culture Dacians, whose philosophy was based on nemurire and consideraĆŁia that the death was a cause for joy, that person standing in another life, the better.
Cemetery has its origins in a few crosses carved by Stan John PătraƟ. Thus, in 1935, PătraƟ has carved the first epitaph and after 1960, the cemetery was populated with about 800 such crosses, carved wooden oak, becoming an outdoor museum of nature and a unique tourist attraction.

Respected fellow citizens

When preparing this site of FărcaƟa commune , we had in mind you people that live here , but also those who are left , somewhere else ,in the country or abroad. We thought that all of you should be informed about whatever is going on in our commune.
We also considered this to be a very good way of introducing ourselves, of letting other people from inside the country or from abroad know about who we are and what we do. This will have a significant contribution to making best use of both the human and the economic potential of our community.
This site will provide to any potential investor all information related to the facilities the commune is able to offer for developing good business within the administrative premises of FărcaƟa commune.
As a new feature , we have provided he possibility of having a dialog with you : you can ask questions , you can make suggestions , proposals.
As mayor of all people from Farcasa , I would like to assure you about the readiness of the institution I am representing, for being a viable and serious partner in the dialogue with the people that elected me and for whose interests our entire activity is dedicated .


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