The complexity of the phenomenon

Merry Cemetery is a very complex phenomenon, name or semantics are quite removed from the content of a cemetery. Certainly for the visitor at first contact with this place, the cemetery may seem merry. This is the first impression until one takes part in a burial in this cemetery. The people get involved in the event, all the usual experience in such circumstances. In such moments SăpânĆŁa cemetery is not a space for joy is a place of pain and resignation.
May the joy brought by color and lyrics, long after consuming the event, be a revenge against the cruel death?
By its specifics this cemetery is unique in the world and is part of universal cultural heritage, being under the aegis of UNESCO and at the Symposium Funeral Monument, which was held in the United States in 1998, was ranked first in Europe and the second in the world after that of Kings Valley, Egypt.

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