Town history

In the extreme north of Romania in the Maramures Country, the Sapanta is situated on the right side of the Tisza in the right Vaii Tarasaului, near the confluence of Sapanta and Tisa rivers. On D.N. 19, the village is situated approximately 18 km away from city of Sighetu Marmatiei.Sapanta is one of the great communes of Maramures. Commune has border with the city of Baia Mare and localities Certeze (Satu Mare), Remeti, Jhelum at Tisa, Sarasau, Sighetu Marmatiei, Giulesti and Ocna Sugatag. North Sapanta is bordered by Tisa river, which separated here from Romania and Ukraine. The area of the village is about 150 square kilometers and includes meadows, terraces, hills and mountains. Cultivated land occupies an area of approx. 600 hectares. Over 417 hectares are filled with orchards, 5561 hectares of meadows and 7530 hectares of forests and conifers foioase.Is dominated by our Sapantei Stone, a volcanic formation an impressive river Sapanta, izvorase under Rotundu peak (1500m altitude), among stancile the Nordic Ignisului Mountains and flows into the Tisa 228m altitusine. The course of the river is about 20 km, quite steeply and crosses an area impadurita. Albia river is full of rocks mari.Cascada, the beauty of the landscape, accessibility route (forest road modernized), as well as an opportunity to practice sport (pastrav, lipan, etc.). Permit the practice of many forms of tourism. Some tourist benchmarks to be treated in the extensive travel to the site are: Stone Sapantei (941 m) peak Rotunzilor (1240m), waterfalls, springs with mineral water, pastravaria park Dendrological (surrounding Monastery Sapanta-Peri).Sapantenilor houses are built along the road and side streets and vailor (Sapantei Valley). Gospodariile have large gardens with trees fructiferi.Imense gramezi apple red stivuite fall on the green grass of the raw gardens, offers the viewer a true spectacle of color.

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